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What’s Messing With Your Heater’s Airflow?

service-timeThere’s plenty of great activities and events to enjoy around here. Whether you are attending a walking tour to learn a bit more about Charlottesville, enjoying some great music at Jazz Wednesdays, or taking in the beauty found in one of our art museums, you can always find something interesting to do in this town. When you come home from those enjoyable events and experiences though, you want to be able to wind down in a house that is warm and comfortable, not one that is cold and unwelcoming.

If your furnace or heat pump needs a heater repair in Charlottesville, VA, you may discover that you are walking in the door to a house that refuses to warm up. Thankfully, you aren’t without any source of help. All you need to do is reach out to us to get the issue identified and resolved. It could be as simple as restoring the airflow in your system!

No Air = No Heat

This likely doesn’t come as a surprise but if there is poor airflow or no airflow for your heater, this means no heat for your home. Whether there is something hindering the flow of air into your heater or something messing with its flow into your home, any issues with airflow mean little to no comfort for your home this winter.

What Can Stop My Heater’s Airflow?

So what is it that messes with the airflow for your heater? There is more than one possible culprit. Whatever the source of the trouble, we can get it resolved. Here are some possible causes for your airflow issues.

  • A seriously clogged filter: Filters help to keep dirt and debris out of the internal components of your heater. They are vital to keeping your heater in good shape, but over time they can get clogged with too much debris. When this happens it can seriously slow down the flow of air into your heater.
  • An issue with your blower fan: Your heater’s fans are needed to pull air into the system to be heated and then to pump it into your home. Broken fan blades, fan blades that have come off, or even a fan that simply isn’t working, can mess with the flow of air into and out of your heater.
  • An issue with the fan’s motor. The fans in your system are powered by a blower motor. This motor has plenty of components in itself that can encounter trouble from a belt that needs lubrication to a motor that simply stops working. No motor means no running fan which of course means no airflow.
  • Problems with your ductwork. Last but not least, your ductwork may be the source of the issue. Leaking ducts can allow heated air to escape into the attic or crawlspace around your home, leaving you with little to no heat. Likewise, a disconnect in your ductwork can mean that none of the heat your system creates reaches the parts of your home that need it.

When you are having heating trouble, make sure you contact the pros at Mack Morris Heating & Air Conditioning for helpWe can’t control the weather outside of your home, but we can control the weather inside your home.

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