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Indoor Air Quality in Charlottesville, VA

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Your indoor air quality is more important than you might realize. It can contribute to illnesses in your home, make it harder to sleep, and even increase allergic reactions in people with asthma. It’s time to take control of the air in your Charlottesville, VA home right now with IAQ services from Mack Morris Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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The air you and your family breathe needs to be constantly cleaned to ensure your home is comfortable. We’re here to help you with that so you can keep your air as clean as can be in your Charlottesville, VA home.

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Your Indoor Air Quality System Options

When you hear the term "indoor air quality," you probably think about how well your HVAC systems work and how cool or warm your home is, depending on the season. But for truly healthful indoor air quality, you also want to think about contaminants that can enter your home through your HVAC ductwork, and the relative humidity levels of your home, among other factors. You may be surprised by how much this can impact your comfort and your health, and how the right air quality systems can make all the difference.

  • Air Filtration and Air Purifier Systems: Let Mack Morris Heating & Air Conditioning help you determine what type of air filtration system will be best for your home. This will depend on a number of factors, such as what type of contaminants your household is susceptible too.
  • Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators: The great thing about home construction in the Charlottesville, VA area these days is that homes are built very tightly, to improve HVAC efficiency. Unfortunately, this means that you don’t get a lot of fresh air in without opening a window or door. Let us help you solve this with an HRV or ERV installation for better ventilation.
  • Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers: The relative humidity in your home, to achieve true comfort and to keep healthy, should be between 30–50%. Anything lower is too dry, and higher is too humid. Fortunately, you can easily resolve either of these issues with the right whole–home humidity balancing system.

Improve Your Air Quality and Improve Your Health

Poor indoor air quality can be much more than just a minor discomfort. It can bother your eyes, nose, and throat, and can make you more susceptible to catching illnesses from other family members. It can also damage your property. For instance, dry air can cause wood furnishings and such to crack, while air that’s too humid can create mold, which can also make people sick.

Even the byproducts of things you use in your home every day can contribute to this lack in air quality—your gas powered furnace, tobacco smoke, hair products, and pet dander being some. Fortunately, with the right indoor air quality products on hand, expertly installed by a highly trained and experienced team, you don’t have to worry about this! Contact us today to learn more about our extensive line of indoor air quality systems.