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Is It Time for a Furnace Upgrade?

Winters have just rolled around, and you may be wondering why it is chiller indoors even though you have the heat going. You may ask yourself questions, such as: “Is my furnace working properly?” and “Is it time for a furnace upgrade?” Today, we will educate you on the signs that signal a faulty furnace.

Fluctuations in Temperature

Abrupt changes in temperatures in different rooms of a home are a sign it’s time to upgrade your furnace or repair it. Once a furnace hits the 15-year point, it will slowly become less effective. Therefore, you should start considering a replacement after fifteen years. The furnace’s ability to disseminate heat on multiple floors can be affected, which is a pre-cursor to start exploring new options.

Soot and Dust Build Up

Soot and dust, which are sometimes followed by dry air, can damage equipment such as wooden furniture, shelves, chairs, and couches. The presence of excessive dust and soot is a signal that your furnace produces too much carbon dioxide.

Primarily, the soot gathers near the register or grille of the furnace. The register in a furnace regulates the flow of air inside your house. The presence of dust or soot alongside signifies the time to start considering a replacement furnace.

Yellow Flames Instead of Blue

A quick way to check whether your furnace is working properly is to look at the flame color. Well-functioning furnaces have blue flames. Nevertheless, if the flames emanating from the burner are yellow, your furnace is producing more carbon monoxide than it should. Yellow-colored flames are also a sign of gases leaking from the furnace. In this case, you should act quickly and either get the furnace replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

Higher Energy and Repairs Cost

Apart from not working properly, older furnaces also take up more energy as they become inefficient throughout their lifespan. You might question why your energy bills have increased with the same usage. An answer could be that your furnace has reached the end of its effective lifecycle, thus needing a replacement.

Another thing you can base your decision on replacing your furnace is the cost of repairs. In our opinion, if the repairs cost you more than half of what you would pay to get a new furnace, it is time to go furnace shopping. Usually, furnaces that have been used for less than 10 years are recommended to get repairs for small issues.

Weird Noises Coming From the Furnace

A telling sign that you might have to get a replacement furnace is if you start hearing unusual sounds coming from it. The noises range from popping, screeching, booming, rattling, humming, and/or clicking. All these indicate different problems with the furnace.

Sometimes you might hear a rattling sound, which can be easily corrected by getting a professional to tighten loose ducts and other equipment. On the other hand, if you have an old furnace, you might be hearing several noises at once, which would also reflect the furnace’s performance. In this case, it is better to invest in a new furnace.


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