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Only Trust a Pro with Your HVAC Care

AC-technicianAll too often we encounter problems with different HVAC systems in the Charlottesville area that are caused by allowing an amateur to try to “fix” it. This is never a good idea. In all honesty, it is similar to allowing your neighbor to give you a complex medical procedure. Sounds silly right?

When you need service for your heating and air conditioning system, whether it is repairs, maintenance, or a replacement, you should always turn to a professional HVAC company in Charlottesville, VA. If you aren’t sure what kind of a difference this will make, let us tell you!

The Difference a Professional Can Make

So how much of a difference does professional service make? Quite a big difference, truth be told! While an amateur might present alluringly low prices, the impact of shoddy service will almost always end up costing you far more money, time, and trouble compared to what you saved.

We want to point out a few key areas that are the most important to remember when deciding to contract the services of a trained and certified HVAC technician.


  • With an amateur … your safety isn’t guaranteed. This isn’t because the individual doesn’t want you to be safe, but is instead because they likely don’t know what problems they can cause that will put your home and comfort in danger.
  • With a professional … you know you are safe. A professional understands exactly how to handle your heating and air conditioning systems in order to get the job done without putting you at risk.

Licensing, Training, Insurance

  • With an amateur … there is likely no licensing to speak off. There is a chance they have a certification or two, but without real training this doesn’t amount to much. Even worse, without the proper licensing, allowing an amateur to work on your HVAC system can void your warranty and even impact your home insurance!
  • With a professional … All the proper licensing and certifications are present and available to be checked, keeping your warranties, and your insurance, intact.

Experience and Efficiency

  • With an amateur … they don’t have the experience necessary to get the job done correctly, effectively or quickly. If anything, you are likely to see an amateur searching for guidance on their smartphone! This means extra hours you are paying for to get a job done that may not even be done right.
  • With a professional … all that training pays off in fast, effective and helpful repairs that you know will work out to your benefit. What’s more, our professionals come with a customer satisfaction guarantee for every job we do.

In short, it isn’t worth the trouble of risking your comfort, your cash, or your safety on amateur services. Only trust a professional HVAC contractor with your comfort system services so you can rest assured that you’ll stay comfortable all year long.

The next time you need HVAC services in Charlottesville, contact Mack Morris Heating & Air Conditioning. We can’t control the weather outside of your home, but we can control the weather inside your home.

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