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5 Furnace Repairs You May Need

furnace-gas-burnersThere has been a lot occurring in our country over the past several days, to say the least, along with some big changes. But some things have not changed. What do we mean? Well, no matter what happens in our capital, you still want to keep your home comfortably warm until the winter cold gives way to warmer weather. To do that, you need to address any issue with your furnace in Crozet, VA as soon as it pops up.

You may be wondering at this point whether you need a furnace repair service. You shouldn’t get a service you don’t need, after all. So the question arises, how do you know when to reach out for repairs? We can give you a quick overview of some of the furnace repairs you may need to reach out to a professional to handle.

1. You have dirty furnace burners or heating elements

Whether you have a gas-powered furnace or an electrical one, dirt can be a problem. Even with a good filter in place, airborne debris can find its way into your heater. Over time, this debris, if it goes unaddressed, can collect enough to start causing problems such as clogging gas burners or coating heating elements. This makes the heating process much harder and increases stress on your furnace.

2. There is an airflow problem

A furnace needs good airflow to do its job. If there is a clogged filter, there may not be enough air getting into your system. Likewise, a faulty blower fan can make it hard for your furnace to deliver the hot air that it creates, putting it at risk of overheating. Make sure to check your filter and the strength of airflow from your vents to see if you need professional service.

3. There is an electrical issue

Both types of furnaces rely on electricity. This means when something goes wrong with the flow of electricity into your system, it will mess with your furnace’s ability to keep you warm. If you are noticing frequently tripped circuits or other indicators of an electrical issue in your heater, make sure to have a technician check things out.

4. You have a disconnect between your furnace and your thermostat

Your thermostat is like the command center for the comfort systems in your home. Without it, your furnace can’t get the marching orders it needs to heat your house. So if there is a miscalibration with your thermostat or a disconnect between your thermostat and your furnace, it needs to be fixed ASAP.

5. There is a problem with your ducts

Your ductwork is the part of your HVAC system that delivers hot air to the different parts of your home. If your ducts have a leak or have shifted to create a large separation, it will impact your comfort. And no: duct issues cannot be fixed with duct tape. Only trust duct services in the hands of a trained professional.

If something is off with your furnace, don’t hesitate to reach out for professional repairs.

Schedule your system repairs with the pros at Mack Morris Heating & Air Conditioning. We can’t control the weather outside of your home, but we can control the weather inside your home.

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