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What Short Cycling Means in Your AC

fanYour air conditioner should run for a good length of time in order to cool your home. But what happens if and when your air conditioner seems unable to get the job done?

It is going to be a problem when your AC isn’t able to complete a full cooling cycle. And don’t be fooled: shortened cooling cycles aren’t a sign that your system is just getting better at what it’s doing. The truth is that short cycling (that is what it is called) is a sign that something is wrong with your AC system.

We’re giving you all the info you need on short cycling so you know when it is affecting your AC and why you should call us about it.

What Short Cycling Indicates

Short cycling is a problem that can occur in just about any air conditioner when something is hindering its ability to cool air properly.

The average cooling cycle is around 15 minutes long. A short cycle occurs when your system is interrupted during this cooling cycle, cutting it off at 10 minutes, or even less! This doesn’t translate to a house that is cooled faster. Often, the reality is that the AC is going to be unable to cool the house at all.

The Potential Causes of a Short Cycling AC

You may be wondering what might cause your air conditioner to short cycle. There is more than one potential cause of this issue you should know about:

  • Your evaporator coil is dirty or covered in ice: If your evaporator is coated in a layer of dirt or, worse, a layer of ice, it is going to make it impossible for the system to absorb heat and create cool air. This can lead the system to shut off early to avoid further damage or overheating.
  • There is a clogged air filter: Another problem that can cause short cycling is a dirty air filter. If an air filter is too dusty, it won’t allow enough air into the system to cool which will cause it to shut off early.
  • You have a leak in the refrigerant line: A leak in the AC’s refrigerant line is going to hinder the cooling process and eventually cause the system to stop responding. One of the first big indicators of a leak in your refrigerant line may be short cycling.
  • There is a problem with the circulation of refrigerant: Issues with your compressor or other components that contribute to the circulation of your refrigerant will also lead to short cycling to avoid overheating or other issues.

Why Short Cycling Should Receive Prompt Attention

Short cycling needs to be addressed with prompt air conditioner repairs in Charlottesville. This will help to prevent the issue from worsening and the repairs becoming even more expensive. You can come to our team for prompt repairs.

Contact Mack Morris Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your air conditioner repairs.¬†We can’t control the weather outside of your home, but we can control the weather inside your home.

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