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If You Haven’t Yet, It Might Be Time to Check Your Filters

filter-ductThere are several factors that will affect your air conditioning system’s ability to function effectively and efficiently throughout the hotter months of the year. From loose parts to air leakages, unaddressed issues will have a negative effect on your AC’s ability to keep you comfortable.

Even if you are a careful and diligent individual who makes sure to keep their eyes and ears peeled for the smallest problems with their cooling system, there is a chance you may miss this problem. All too often, residents around Charlottesville forget to change out their air filters, never realizing how big of a problem it can create.

Let’s take a moment to look at why your air filter is so important and why you may want to schedule an HVAC service in Charlottesville, VA to get it cleaned or replaced.

What Does Your Filter Do?

When we are talking about your filter, we are referring to a part of your HVAC system specifically meant to filter out dust and dirt that would otherwise get into your air conditioning system. The filter is important to your HVAC system because, without it, your air conditioner would rapidly become too dirty to function and would end up breaking down early.

Types of Filters

It is important to remember that there is more than one type of HVAC system filter. The different types include disposable filters and reusable filters. Understanding the two types of filters is vital because it will tell you how you need to handle them.

As you can probably guess, a reusable filter can be cleaned off with a combination of water and a dust cloth so that it can be used again. In contrast, a disposable filter is going to be able to be tossed out and replaced with a new version that matches the original filter’s specifications.

When and Why Replace Your HVAC Filter

You are actually supposed to replace or clean off your HVAC system filter every few months. This is because it is going to capture any and all dust and debris that would otherwise go into your air conditioner or heater. This means it is in use every time you turn on one of these systems so it collects a large amount of build-up rather quickly.

The benefits of replacing or cleaning off your filter every few months include:

  • Cleaner system: Your HVAC system is going to be a lot cleaner if it has an effective filter helping it out.
  • Better system operation: When you have a clear filter, your AC and heater will be able to operate much more effectively.
  • Improved comfort: An HVAC system that can pull in air without a struggle will be able to provide better comfort to you throughout the year.

If you aren’t comfortable with changing out your air filter for your HVAC system, we are happy to help.

We can’t control the weather outside of your home, but we can control the weather inside your home. Contact the team at Mack Morris Heating & Air Conditioning for your next service appointment.

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