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The Benefits of a Humidifier

drip-dropIn the summer, we can be swamped with high humidity levels that make us sweat. Relative humidity is a measurement of the amount of water vapor in the air, which can be quite problematic when too high. Your body needs to evaporate moisture to cool off, so you can feel even warmer when humidity levels are high. There’s also a higher chance of mold growth in your home and other problems thanks to the moisture in the air.

But it’s not yet spring, and we don’t have those problems yet. In fact, you might have the opposite issue. Dry air can cause a lot of problems for you, your health, and your home. Get relief through the cold weather and prepare for next year’s flu season with the help of a whole-house humidifier.

How It Works

Many people seek out portable humidifiers when they get sick as they know it can ease some of the symptoms associated with cold and flu. (More on this later.) However, this does nothing to combat the whole-house symptoms listed below that can result from dry air.

We highly recommend only whole-house humidifiers when you want to add moisture back into the air. It does so by directly connecting to a plumbing pipe (so you don’t have to constantly refill water). And a humidistat allows you to control moisture levels just like you control temperature with the thermostat. An ideal indoor moisture level is about 30-50% humidifier, but it’s easy for dry winter air and the heater to lower this. Here’s how a humidifier gets your home into better shape.

Feel Relief from Dry Air Symptoms

Dry air means dry sinuses and chapped lips. It means drier skin, which means you’ll probably notice some frequent static shocks. These issues are frustrating and can be damaging to your body and skin. Getting rid of that dry air means you get the comfort and relief you deserve.

Get Well Soon—Literally

It’s written on greeting cards by well wishers every day, but a humidifier can actually help to make it happen. You can get well sooner with the help of a humidifier to add moisture back into the air, recovering faster from a bad cold, a cough, or even the flu.

This works in a couple of ways. First, you may be more susceptible to catching and keeping a cold when your sinuses are dried out. Moisturizing them with the help of a humidifier can help you recover quickly. Second, many viruses actually thrive in a dry environment, so moisture can help to kill and sterilize them.

Protect Your Home and Belongings

Dried air can actually dry out some valuable belongings as well. This includes instruments and art pieces that can crack thanks to the lack of moisture for protection. In addition, your home can take a beating, cracking paint and even baseboards. A whole-house humidifier is the only way to combat these effects.

For more information on humidifiers in Charlottesville, VA, contact Mack Morris Heating & Air Conditioning.

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