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Tips for Keeping Your Gas Furnace Running Safely

Safety should always be top of mind, no matter what type of heater you have. But gas furnaces require an even higher safety standard. Gas is colorless and odorless so you may not realize you have a leak unless you have carbon monoxide detectors installed.

Aside from just waiting for something to happen, you can also take preventive action to keep your family’s safety as a top priority. If you think there’s something wrong with your gas furnace, give our team a call to schedule an appointment for furnace repair in Crozet, VA. You can also keep reading to learn more about gas furnace safety and how you can stay ahead of potential issues.

Allow Space

Your gas heater is powerful and heating your home produces very hot temperatures to create enough heat. The hot air from inside your furnace mixes in with the slightly cooler air of your home to warm it up. If this hot air becomes trapped in the ductwork or heating system, it can lead to overheating. When your heater gets too hot because of trapped air not moving effectively into your home, it can lead to permanent damage and malfunctions.

Experts recommend that you maintain at least three feet of space around your furnace itself along with all of the vents in your home. Three feet of space may seem like a lot, but it is better to be safe and proactive in caring for your heater and keeping your family safe. Plus, the better airflow also means that your home will be more comfortable.

Pay Attention

One of the best ways to prevent furnace problems is by paying attention to how your furnace operates. You should have a fairly good idea of how long normal heating cycles are and what sounds your furnace makes as a part of everyday operation. Anything that is out of the ordinary should be a red flag that something is going wrong. 

Maybe your furnace is still working great and heating your home, but problems can spread quickly. If you notice anything unusual about how your furnace is operating, give our team a call to schedule a check-up. It’s better to be safe and take proactive steps to prevent your furnace from breaking down and needing extensive repairs. 

Keep Up With Maintenance

Aside from scheduling annual maintenance with our team of experts, you also have to keep up with your own maintenance as a homeowner. Things like changing the air filter on time, cleaning away soot build-up, and checking the outside exhaust vent are all important steps to complete on a monthly basis. Homeowner maintenance has the greatest impact on how your furnace operates now and in the long-term. 

We can’t control the weather outside of your home, but we can control the weather inside your home. The team at Mack Morris Heating & A/C is here to help with all your furnace needs, so schedule your appointment today.

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