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5 Signs Your AC Needs Repairs


The best way to prevent expensive AC repairs is to stay ahead of them. You can do this by learning the early signs of AC problems so that you can address repair needs early before your air conditioner takes on significant damage.

If you think it’s time for an air conditioning tune-up in Crozet, VA, our team is here to help. Keep reading to learn more about the signs that something is wrong with your air conditioner. Then give us a call to schedule your tune-up and invest in your air conditioner before you’re spending even more on repairs later on.

Unusual Sounds

It’s completely normal for your AC to make some sounds while it operates. You may hear a gentle humming or the whirring of the fan. Occasionally, you may even hear ductwork expand and contract with temperature changes. But loud or alarming sounds are always a red flag.

If your air conditioner begins to make loud sounds that you’ve never heard before, get the system checked out soon. It is also concerning if there are otherwise normal sounds that get louder, more frequent, or happen at irregular times. For example, if you begin to hear rattling all the time, your ductwork may have bigger problems that need to be fixed. 

Spikes in Energy Usage

Your energy bills can fluctuate from month to month. It’s even normal for them to go up during certain times of the year, like the summer when it costs more to keep your home cool. However, seeing a sudden spike in energy use is a red flag that something is wrong. Your AC is likely the appliance that uses the most electricity in your home, so significant spikes in energy usage may be attributable to your air conditioner. 

Bad Smells

Any unusual smells that come directly from your air conditioner are a problem. Odors that are musty or moldy may be caused by mold and mildew growth. Any burning smells can indicate that there is a problem with the electrical wiring. A sweet or somewhat vinegary smell can mean that you have a refrigerant leak. 

Lack of Cold Air

This one may seem obvious to you. But sometimes, your home can still feel comfortable even if your air conditioner is not blowing cold air. If you hold your hand up to an air vent anywhere in your house while your air conditioner is on, the air should feel cold. If it doesn’t, then it’s definitely time for an AC tune-up.

Hot and Cold Spots

The rooms in your home should maintain fairly consistent temperatures. You should not have one room that stays warmer or cooler than other rooms of your home. When this happens, a few things could be wrong. Your air conditioner may not be producing enough cold air to blow through all of the rooms of your house. It’s also possible that there is a blockage somewhere preventing cold air from reaching some rooms. 

We can’t control the weather outside of your home, but we can control the weather inside your home. The team at Mack Morris Heating & A/C is here to help with all your AC needs, so schedule your appointment today.

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