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5 AC Sounds You Should Be on the Alert For

Have you found yourself groaning when you turn on your air conditioner because your cool air now comes with an obnoxious noise that you would rather not deal with? You should be annoyed–because that noise is bad news. Your air conditioner isn’t meant to run silently. Even a heavy whoosh of air can be heard from the most modern, updated, well-maintained system. But loud, annoying, grating sounds are not to be ignored or brushed off because they are a sign something is up with the air conditioner.

If your system is making weird or worrying sounds, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for air conditioning repairs in Charlottesville, VA.

5 Worrying Noises From Your AC That You Shouldn’t Ignore

So what are some of the noises you don’t want to hear coming from your air conditioner? We have five problem sounds listed below for you to check out so you know when to contact us for help.

  1. Continuous Clicking: Clicking might be a normal noise at the beginning or end of your system’s cooling cycle–unless it ends up lasting for more than a minute. Continuous clicking is a sign that there is a problem within your system that needs repairs.
  2. Rattling: A rattling sound might be brushed off as a part of your air conditioner, but this is actually a terrible noise to hear. You are going to hear a rattling noise if there are loose parts in the system, possibly even parts that are bouncing around in the unit itself. The longer this noise goes on, the more likely your system is to retain damage from those loose parts.
  3. Screeching: The sound of screaming or screeching coming from your air conditioner is a hard one to ignore and that is a good thing–you will want to get this one addressed ASAP. This obnoxious noise is going to be an indicator of more than one issue such as a worn-out blower motor belt or fan blades that are coming loose and scraping around the inside of their housing.
  4. Hissing: Don’t mix up hissing noises with the sound of air flowing through your system; they aren’t the same. Hissing can actually indicate a clogged air filter that is hindering your airflow. It can also be a sign that you have a refrigerant leak.
  5. Buzzing: Buzzing is never a sound you should hear from your AC unit. This noise is going to be a sign of any number of problems from a clogged air filter to a dirty evaporator coil to electrical issues.

It pays to listen to what your air conditioner system is trying to say to you because sometimes it is crying out for help. Don’t ignore strange noises when they start to develop in your cooling system. Instead, reach out to the trained HVAC technicians at Mack Morris Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your repairs ASAP.

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