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Your Furnace Keeps Shutting Off Early—What’s Happening?

If your heater is turning off before completing a heating cycle, your home may not be as warm as you would like. This can be frustrating and uncomfortable if your home is too cool. But it’s also bad news for your heater because it means that something is going wrong. 

When your furnace is turning off early, you need to give our team a call and schedule furnace repair in Ruckersville, VA. You can also keep reading to learn more about what causes your furnace to turn off early before completing a heating cycle and why it is such a problem.

Lack of Airflow

Most of the time when your heater turns off early, it is because of a safety mechanism triggering. For example, your heater needs adequate airflow in order to heat your home. Without air entering the system, there’s no air to heat and blow through the ductwork and out of the vents. 

If airflow is restricted due to a dirty air filter or other reason, your heater may begin to work harder in an effort to heat your home. This can lead to overheating, and your system will shut down early as a safety precaution.

Thermostat Issues

Sometimes heater problems are not actually heater problems at all. Instead, your thermostat may be to blame for issues with heater operation. If your thermostat is not calibrated correctly, it may read the indoor air temperature wrong. 

This can result in signaling for your heater to turn on and off at unusual times. Your home may not be as comfortable as you want it to be since your thermostat is triggering the heater to turn off before heating your home all the way. In addition to being annoying, this problem also adds a lot of strain to the unit itself, increasing the likelihood of a breakdown or major repair need.

Flame Sensor

If you have a gas furnace, the flame sensor may be to blame for the unit turning off early during a heating cycle. The flame sensor is found on gas furnaces that have an open flame for heating. The flame sensor helps to monitor that the flame is only burning during a heating cycle.

If there are any issues with the flame—for example, the flame growing too large—your heater will shut down early during a heating cycle as a precaution. No matter what the reason for your heater shutting off early during a heating cycle, you need to schedule an appointment with our team. We can get down to the root of the issue and fix it so it doesn’t happen again.

When your heater turns off early during a heating cycle, it will turn back on again soon since it didn’t heat your home enough. Your heater begins to work harder to produce heating results, although it is working against factors that are preventing it from working the way it was intended.

We can’t control the weather outside of your home, but we can control the weather inside your home. The team at Mack Morris Heating & A/C is here to help with furnace service, so schedule your appointment today.

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