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When to Contact Your HVAC Contractor

couple-on-phoneWe appreciate our clients very much. We’ve made it our mission over the years to guarantee their 100% satisfaction with the work that we do.  That being said, we don’t expect them to be ringing up our phones just to check in, tell us about their days, and invite us over for supper. Ours is a professional relationship, and those are not the types of scenarios that we expect calls from our clients for. So when should you reach out to your HVAC contractor in Palmyra, VA?

Well, we’re going to explore two situations today in which you should always get in touch with your HVAC contractor (and we certainly hope that’s us!). Not everything needs to be an emergency, and the fact is that there is a time when you should be dialing our number even when nothing is wrong? Confused? Well, just read on, and you’ll see the many benefits that you stand to enjoy by giving your trusted HVAC professionals on our staff a call from time to time.

You Need to Call Us When Problems Are Developing

Let us make this distinction right off the bat. The right time to call your HVAC contractor is not when your air conditioner won’t start up at all. Waiting for a problem to develop to the point where your system is completely inoperable is only to do your system—as well as your comfort and your budget—a serious disservice. You should be calling to have your system inspected and evaluated, if not repaired, the moment that you suspect something is wrong.

Your air conditioner is going to give you a lot of warnings signs before it reaches the point of a breakdown, typically. You may see your energy costs really spiking, as underlying problems with the system drive its efficiency down. You may start to feel warmer air blowing from your vents. Your system may be making strange sounds or operating at louder levels than normal. Maybe it is starting up and cycling down too rapidly. Whatever the case, count on us to figure out what is going wrong and to intervene as appropriate.

You Need to Call Us to Prevent Problems from Developing

If you could completely prevent all problems from developing with your air conditioner, then you’d never need HVAC contractors like us to fix your system up for you.  Now, we all know that this is not possible—otherwise, we’d all be out of business! No air conditioner is going to operate completely problem-free. However, there is a very simple phone call that you can make in order to keep problems with your air conditioner to a bare minimum.

That call? Scheduling annual AC maintenance! Only when every component in your HVAC system is operating properly can you hope to enjoy the very best performance possible from that air conditioner. Make sure that you check out all that our maintenance services have to offer. It is well worth your investment!

Contact Mack Morris Heating & Air Conditioning for great AC service. We can’t control the weather outside of your home, but we can control the weather inside your home.

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