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Signs That Your AC Is in Trouble

red-thermometerSome homeowners seem to think that the fact that their air conditioners are starting up and producing some cold air means that they’re working well enough. Well, our team thinks that you deserve more than “well enough”. You deserve the best performance that your air conditioner can possibly provide, and we’re here to help you get it! The fact is that no AC is going to function at peak performance levels unless it is kept in peak working condition.

The best way in which to keep your system working with such high-performance quality is to schedule routine, annual maintenance for your system. Your air conditioner puts in a lot of work over the course of the summer season, and some wear and tear is not just to be expected: it’s unavoidable. While routine maintenance will definitely help to protect your system and its overall performance, however, you are still going to require professional AC repairs in Charlottesville, VA eventually.

Your Home Is Cooling Down Unevenly

When you run your air conditioning system, you are supposed to be cooling your entire home. That is the whole point of using a whole-cooling system, right? Well, if you’re not able to do so, and you’ve noticed that there are warm spots throughout the house. The problem may lie with the air conditioner that you are using.

We say “may” because we would have to investigate further before making an accurate diagnosis. Something like subpar insulation in an area of your home, for instance, could be to blame. However, you may also have a refrigerant leak causing the AC to struggle when cooling your home. You could have a leak in your air ducts, or the system may even be undersized. Hopefully not, because in that event, replacement is really your only option. You cannot “repair” an AC that isn’t strong enough to do the job.

Your System Won’t Run Consistently

A short cycling air conditioner is one that is wasting energy and working under much more stress than it should have to. If your air conditioner is shutting down before it’s completing a full cycle (starting and stopping in rapid succession), then your comfort, your AC, and your budget are all going to suffer.

It could be something as simple as a very dirty air filter creating too much airflow resistance for the system to comfortably handle. However, you could also have malfunctioning components like capacitors or even a thermostat. In that case, you’ll need professional repairs. And again, a refrigerant leak could be the culprit. In that case, your system is at very serious risk of extensive damages, so it’s always best to have the problem diagnosed and resolved as soon as possible.

Your Bills Are High!

Certain issues with your air conditioning system are going to be fairly obvious, like a system that won’t start up or is blowing warm air into your home. Even if your system seems to be operating pretty well, however, there could be problems at play. One factor to always keep in mind is your energy bill.

If this bill really spikes, despite the fact that you are not using your air conditioner any differently than you have in the past, then underlying problems in need of repair could be to blame. Don’t wait for those problems to worsen, putting your system in jeopardy. A prompt response is always in your best interest.

Schedule your AC repairs with Mack Morris Heating & Air Conditioning. We can’t control the weather outside of your home, but we can control the weather inside your home.

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