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Is Something Up With Your Ducts?

Your ductwork is like the delivery system for your air conditioning unit. Without your ducts, the cool air that your AC creates won’t end up going anywhere, or, it will end up outside of your home rather than inside your home where it belongs. That is why duct leaks or breaks are a problem and, thankfully, they are problems that we can help with.

The technicians at Mack Morris Heating & Air Conditioning can help figure out what might be going on with your ductwork and provide services to address the issues that are going to hinder your comfort the most.

What’s Up With Your Ducts?

Let’s start with what potential issues you might run into with your ductwork. Believe it or not, there is more than one but the end result is that they can all hinder your home comfort.

  • Dirty ductwork: Dirty ductwork is going to be harmful to the flow of air entering your home. Even a little bit of dusty build-up in your ducts can slow down the flow of air from your AC through your vents–and make it a lot more irritating too.
  • Duct leaks or breakages: A duct that has a leak or breakage harms your comfort by leaking the cool air that your AC is making into areas outside your home, such as your attic or crawlspace. This is going to reduce your comfort but also make your air conditioner’s job a lot harder.

Solving Your Ductwork Problems

So, if something is wrong with your ductwork, what do you do? First off, we advise putting away the duct tape–it won’t actually help. Despite its name, duct tape won’t stop your cool air from going anywhere. Your best course of action is to follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Watch for signs of faulty ducts: Low airflow, dusty air, and poor cooling are all indicators of a problem with your ducts. If you notice these warning signs, reach out to professional technicians for help.
  • Step 2. Schedule duct testing services: Duct testing in Charlottesville, VA is a professional service we provide that allows us to figure out what is wrong with your ductwork whether it is too much dirt or an air leak.
  • Step 3. Set up duct services to fix the issue: Once we have information on what is going on with your ductwork, we can either provide sealing or repairs to resolve the problem. Only a trained technician can provide these services without potentially causing additional harm to your ductwork.

Need help getting your ductwork into fighting form? Our team can help. We are the trained professionals you can trust to keep your HVAC system in great working order. We can provide maintenance and repair services for your ducts, your air conditioner, and more home comfort systems.

Contact Mack Morris Heating & Air Conditioning today to get started on optimizing your comfort this summer. We can’t control the weather outside of your home, but we can control the weather inside your home. Serving the Charlottesville area since 1985.

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